July 2020, DETAIL magazine

Slender.High.Long – Steel Structures

No other construction material can match steel’s suitability for bridging long spans and realising unusual building geometries. “Slender. High. Long – Steel and Steel-Composite Structures” documents outstanding high-rise buildings and engineering structures in steel. This includes not only bridges, sports facilities, factories and exhibition halls but also administration and cultural buildings, such as the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki, the Adidas Arena in Herzogenaurach and the large-scale, accessible sculpture, The Vessel, in New York. In extensive text and expressive drawings, the engineers involved in their design explain the concepts of the steel and steel-composite structures and the solutions they found for realising them.
The book is the first in a three-part series on structural engineering design. Another volume will cover timber and timber hybrid structures, while a third deals with reinforced concrete.

– Detailed documentation of 20 examples of extraordinary structures
– Articles by renowned structural designers

Photography: Amit Geron

August 2019, anniversary magazine

Tel Aviv’s White City — Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and the Future of Bauhaus

Looking back to the 20th century, World Wars I (1914-18) and II (1939-45) have shaped almost everything our society stands for today, from politics through economics, culture, arts, and design. As elegantly laid out in “100 Years of Bauhaus”, the Bauhaus movement is no exception.

Photography: Amit Geron

August 2019, ArchDaily

Arc by the Sea / Bar Orian Architects

The residential/hotel building on the corner of Trumpeldor and Hayarkon Streets Tel Aviv showcases the story of urban renewal and of the evolution of the city’s architecture.

Photography: Amit Geron

June 2019, Domus

Upgrading a historic villa in Tel Aviv while keeping its eclectic personality

Bar Orian and Yael Siso are responsible for the renovation of a 1913 building in the ancient heart of the Israeli city.

Photography: Amit Geron

June 2019, Wallpaper

The Levee — Tel Aviv, Israel

Off a tree-lined street in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighbourhood, The Levee is a 1913 villa reborn as a smart urban stay, featuring eight sprawling apartments and a 24-hour concierge.

April 2019, Yatzer

The Levee: A New Hospitality Venture Captures Tel Aviv’s Zeitgeist

Housed in a historic villa in Neve Tzedek, one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Tel Aviv, Israel, “The Levee” is the town’s latest hospitality arrival offering eight spacious apartments of understated luxury and contemporary sophistication where guests can feel at home.

Photo © The Levee.

December 2018, ARCH20

Brenner Compound / Bar Orian Architects

Brenner Compound designed by Bar Orian Architects, This office and commercial building at 106–108 Kibbutz Galuyot Road, Tel Aviv, is a regional center for two government ministries – the Ministry of Welfare and the Income Tax Authority offices, and there are commercial units on the ground floor for the use of the people who work in the building and the residents of the neighborhood.

Photography: Amit Geron

April 2018, Structure

Fußgängerbrücke in Be’er Sheva

Am stark frequentierten Nordbahnhof der bedeutenden Wüstenstadt Be’er Sheva wurde mit der Fertigstellung einer rund 200 m langen Stahlbrücke eine wichtige infrastrukturelle Stadtverknüpfung geschaffen.

May 2017, ArchDaily

22 Haganim st. Ramat Ha’sharon

This new language marks a breakthrough of the traditional typology of a building with a ground floor, topped by story after story of identical floors, and a penthouse.

Photography: Amit Geron

May 2017, ArchDaily

Private House in Tel Aviv / Bar Orian Architects

Functionality and simplicity of materials were the starting points for planning this villa in a northern neighborhood of Tel Aviv.

Photography: Amit Geron

May 2017, Dezeen

Box-framed louvres shade windows of concrete house in Tel Aviv

This concrete house in Tel Aviv by Bar Orian Architects features vertical louvres that can be either rotated to filter light or slid open to reveal the windows behind.

Photography: Amit Geron

September 2016, Dezeen

Beersheba station bridge in Israel is shaped like a pair of eyes

Tel-Aviv firms Bar Orian Architects and Rokach Ashkenazi Engineers have built a bridge in the Israeli city of Beersheba, featuring arches that create the shape of two eyes.

Photography: Amit Geron

March 2012, ArchDaily

Zielony Graduate Student Village / Schwartz Besnosoff Architects + Bar Orian Architects

The project design is based on the principles of landscape-sensitive and ecological planning.